The Frankfurt Motor Show this year offered an overview of the latest cars that will soon see roads in different cities of the world. If you want to change to a more luxurious luxury car next year, here are the cars you should consider in your car rental comparison;

4 The Best Luxury Cars of 2019

Audi A1

Since its launch in 2010, the sleek Audi A1 has not produced much noise in the Supermani segment. However, version 2019 of the automotive world is expected to include a high-level upgrade, including information configuration, enhanced entertainment, and luxury furniture.

It is also said that driving is fun because it depends on the new MQB structure of the VW. A small city car will be equipped with several engines. In addition to the 1L and 1.5L engines, it is also equipped with a 1.6L diesel engine.

Audi fans are expected to prepare for themselves, and the A1 is expected to reach the floors of the showrooms early next year.

BMW i8 Roadster

It is one of the most anticipated models in the German automotive industry, whose launch is scheduled for next year. Not designed for those with weak hearts, this switch will contain a hybrid generator set. It will be equipped with a 1.5L three-cylinder engine that, when combined with an electric motor, will shut off 362 hp.

Audi Q8

This next flagship SUV from the German automaker is said to be the expected price of $ 88,000. Some of the things that make it truly luxurious and powerful are the luxurious interior design, the hybrid engine, the aggressive exterior design, and the massive network.

In terms of specifications, this Audi is powered by a 3 TFSI engine, which, when combined with an electric motor, turns the crank to 444 hp. Apart from this group of traffic, the automotive world can expect a 4-liter V8 diesel engine and also some gasoline engines.


The new SUV model, which is expected to be lighter than the current model due to the intensive use of aluminum and high-strength steel, was built on the platform of the UKL model for the German automotive industry. It will be available in three power generation options. The base model is equipped with a 2-liter diesel engine powered by a turbocharger, the two engines run at 180 hp, while the second option works with a 2-liter engine, but with 240 hp. By far, the strongest engine in the 2019 X3 is the 3L Turbo engine, which produces 300 hp.

With the above luxurious cars, you can be able to make your choice when you are deciding on car rental comparison.

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