2013 Winners


1st Place – $25,000: EscaZyme Biochemicals LLC
EscaZyme Biochemicals is a specialized chemical company that manufactures component chemicals.

Team Captain – Jennifer Ott – University of Nevada, Reno – MBA
Faculty Advisor – Rod Jorgensen

2nd Place – $15,000: DataBeam Inc.
DataBeam, Inc. has patented a revolutionary new way to store electronic information at the molecular level.

Team Captain – Travis Anderson – University of Nevada, Reno – MD & MBA
Team Members – J Dexter Ramsey – MBA – Corporate Finance
Alex Nickel – Ph.D. Physical Chemistry
Jacob Stever – MD & MBA
Faculty Advisor – Matt Westfield

3rd Place – $10,000: ElectroVentures, Inc
ElectroVentures, Inc. provides clothing, costumes, and accessories to the $4 billion electronic dance music industry.

Team Captain – River Jangda – University of Nevada, Reno – Marketing
Team Members – Brad Cabanilla – MBA
Richard Corn – Accounting & Finance
Hayreddin Ceker – Masters in CS
Faculty Advisor – Doug Erwin


1st Place – $25,000: SOLUTION Bar
SOLUTION Bar is a science-themed specialty bar that offers highly unique and molecular mixology beverages.

Team Captain – Ari Weinryt – University of Nevada, Las Vegas – Hospitality
Team Members – Diana Duangnet Fisher – Hospitality
Faculty Advisor – Clark Kincaid

2nd Place – $15,000: Pure Ski Experience
Pure Ski Experience is devoted to sharing the knowledge and skills of world-class and Olympic skiers.

Team Captain – Matea Ferk – Sierra Nevada College – Finance and Economics
Team Members – Tea Palic – Global Business Management
Luca Ricou – Global Business Management and Ski Business and Resort Management
Faculty Advisor – Rick Normington

3rd Place – $10,000: Gymnerate
Gymnerate is an energy brokerage company designed to extract the energy from gym machines.

Team Captain – Taylor Hall – University of Nevada, Las Vegas – Pre-nursing
Faculty Advisor – Janet Runge
Team Members – Sarah Tom – Accounting


$10,000: CH4OICE
CH4OICE extracts CO2 from the air and converts it into renewable methanol that can be used as an alternative to gasoline.

Team Captain – Ellen Nesbitt – University of Nevada, Reno – MBA
Team Members – Jacob Reid – Master’s in Mechanical Engineering
Michael Nesbitt – Business Administration, Management (TMCC)
Faculty Advisor – Carl Nesbitt

NCET Faculty Advisors of the Year

David T. Croasdell, UNR
Dr. Andrew Hardin, UNLV
Kendra Wong, SNC