2011 Winners

Graduate Winners

First Place – $20,000
Scuba Solutions, UNLV

Scuba Solutions LLC, legally established in March 2011, is a Nevada-based company that provides superior scuba equipment to diving enthusiasts throughout the world. The company is also the winner of the 2011 Southern Nevada Business Plan Competition.

Team Captain: Griffin Owings, MBA
Team Members:
Chris Powell, MBA
Alex Strabala, MBA
Curtis Weinstien, MBA
Sean Daly, Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew Hardin

Second Place – $10,000
Mad Sensor, UNLV

Rebel Technology Associates has developed the innovative Motorcycle Accident Detection and Notification System named MAD – which is similar to GM’s much heralded OnStar system for automobiles. Motorcyclists can now get quick help when in accidents! The device also features Lojack-like capabilities for tracking stolen motorcycles.

Team Captain: Adam Jackson, M.S. M.I.S.
Team Members:
Jerome Mandel, M.S. M.I.S.
Nicoleta Cornea, M.S. M.I.S.
Shehan Peries, Certificate in entrepreneurship
Yrene Ordaz, Computer Engineering
Gerson Recinos, Computer Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Andrew Hardin

Third Place – $5,000

SENSE.tech is an innovative organization with the ultimate goal of finding a technological solution for point of care (POC) detection of tuberculosis (TB). We have developed a sensor material capable of detecting TB instantly via a handheld breathalyzer device system. Our system can also easily be amended to detect other pathogens of interest.”

Team Captain: York Smith, Chemical Engineering
Team Member:
J. Dexter Ramsey, Business
Travis Anderson, Medical Student
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mano Misra

Undergraduate Winners

FIRST PLACE – $20,000
Eighteen At Eighteen, UNLV

Eighteen At Eighteen is all about getting ahead…at 18. Our youth focused how-to guides will provide ways for teenagers to jumpstart their lives with simple, short, digital books straight from their Smartphone. Through our licensing program, entrepreneurs will be able to leverage our market presence with ease and affordability.

Team Captain: Anthony Alegrete, Marketing
Team Members:
William Wong,
Nathan Turner, Finance
Claudia Perez, Management
Matt Petterson, Accounting
Jami Vallesteros, Economics
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Janet Runge

Second Place – $10,000
Completely Off-Grid, UNR

Completely Off-Grid is a Reno Nevada manufacturing company producing pre-cut, partially assembled, and uniquely designed homes. These cost effective, permanent, complete off-grid packages, are a self-sufficient, energy producing, efficiently designed living space; easily assembled anywhere. If you desire or require an independent lifestyle, you will find living Completely Off-Grid completely joyful!

Team Captain: Vicki Bischoff, Psychology
Team Member:
Eric Bischoff, International Affairs
Pete Whitehead, Economics and International Business
Jeff Punya Computer Science
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gary Valiere

Third Place – $5,000
Bumblebee Blooms, TMCC

Bumblebee Blooms Flower Boutique, LLC has created a unique marketing opportunity in the Reno/Sparks market as a retail florist. They are an expert in unique floral design that includes weddings, proms, and sympathy flowers, as well as offering unique plants, dish-gardens, gourmet chocolates and food baskets.

Team Captain: Katie Knapp, Culinary Arts/Business
Team Member: Naomi Cardy, Social work
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Jolene Hayes

Lt. Governor’s Award Winner – $5,000

GD Fuels LLC is an early stage startup company whose purpose is to create engineering solutions which make alternative fuels less expensive for producers and consumers. Our company has developed novel technology that will significantly revolutionize the Biodiesel Industry and allow for greater cost savings and profit margins for biodiesel producers.
Team Captain: Jason Strull, Material Sciences
Team Member: Adrian Testa, Economcis
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mano Misra