2010 Winners

Graduate Winners

1st Place Graduate
Glyzen Technologies, UNR

Glyzen Technologies has developed a process to remove waste generated from the biodiesel industry and converts them into clean and renewable energy sources as well as value added products such as glyceric acid.

Team Captain: York Smith, Chemical Engineering
Team Members:
Narasimharao Kondamudi, Materials Science Engineering
Zeina Randall, MBA
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Manoranjan Misra & Dr. Gary Valiere

2nd Place Graduate
Biometric Recognition, Inc., UNR

Biometric Recognition, Inc., UNR Biometric Recognition, Inc. was created by three accounting graduate students and one computer science doctorate student at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). The product involves hand-based recognition and authentication systems, and has been developed into a prototype at UNR under the direction of Dr. George Bebis.

Team Captain: Holly Soltani, Accountancy
Team Members:
Jacquelyn Long, Accountancy
Danielle Farris, Accountancy
Gholamreza Amayeh, Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. George Bebis

3rd Place Graduate

TIKI ICE provides delicious, all natural Italian Ices. TIKI ICE ices are unique due to their health benefits, and very low calorie count (fewer than 1/3 that of competitors). The low costs, along with low overhead, and high sales potential, means returns on sales of 50% year over year.

Team Captain: Jean Treichel-Bridges, MBA New Venture
Team Member: Robert Bateman
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Steven Phelan

Undergraduate Winners

1st Place Undergraduate
Outbox Records, LLC, UNR

Outbox Records, LLC is a multi-genre music-recording label with an innovative approach to selling and promoting digital music. Outbox’s core strategy is to conduct commerce by focusing on three extremely popular and lucrative business trends: digital music sales, digital social networking and environmentally receptive products and services.

Team Captain: Daniel Fiorentini, Management & Marketing (Dual) w/ emphasis in International Business
Team Members:
Joseph Fiorentini, English w/ emphasis in Creative Writing
Christopher Aarskaug, Liberal Arts w/ emphasis in MGMT, MKT, and ECON
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gary Valiere

2nd Place Undergraduate
Innovative Protection Systems, UNR

Innovative Protection Systems is from Reno, Nevada to create advanced handheld protection devices. The product will deter criminals and provide a means to identify/locate perpetrators accurately and efficiently. The business plan illustrates a 5-year progression from local start-up to recognized leader in professional and personal safety equipment.

Team Captain: John Feeney, Electrical Engineering
Team Members:
Andrew Jurado, Electrical Engineering
Clifford Bliese, Eng Physics
Matt Foster, Electrical Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Candice Bauer

3rd Place Undergraduate
Nevada Paper Fuels, UNR

Nevada Paper Fuels has developed an industrial process which uses a proprietary catalyst to convert waste paper into cellulosic ethanol.This process is green because it uses waste paper instead of corn to produce cellulosic ethanol. This process also reduces the volume of waste sent to landfills.

Team Captain: Cameron Howard, Materials Science and Engineering
Team Members:
Jeffrey Olson, Materials Science and Engineering
Jonathan Crane, Accounting
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Manoranjan Misra

Lt. Governor’s Award Winner

NOVAE Nanotechnology, UNR

NOVAE Nanotechnology has set out to provide high quality single-walled carbon nanotubes with reduced production costs. The mission is to provide a paramount of green energy solutions to today’s modern renewable energy technology; including solar cells, hydrogen storage, electronics for high-energy density batteries, and light displays. Fifty percent of NOVAE’s equity will be sold to the companies, First Solar Inc. and Samsung Inc., allowing for revenue to span upwards of $172 million by 2015.

Team Captain: Eric Hill, Chemical Engineering
Team Members:
Alex Braganza, Chemical Engineering
Vance Jaeger, Chemical Engineering
Orion Hanbury, Chemical Engineering
Nalin Howard, Chemical Engineering
Samantha Kertson, Chemical Engineering
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alan Fuchs