P3 Health Partners

Building data-enabled preventative healthcare with Talend

Talend has been more than just a great product, they have been a great partner helping to drive our business proposition forward.

Unmesh Srivastava

Provide unified access to patient data across physicians, members, and clinical leaders

10% improvement

in overall data quality score

60% or greater time savings

for onboarding a new health plan or client

Improved HEDIS and RAF scores

P3 Health Partners (P3) is a patient-centered, physician-led, and population health-focused healthcare company serving over 75,000 members. The organization operates in multiple states in the US and has built a strong network of existing community providers and healthcare resources to deliver highly coordinated and integrated patient care.

“Today there is so much data floating around, especially in the healthcare industry with all of the wearable technology, medical devices, electronic medical records, and health information exchanges,” says Unmesh Srivastava, Chief Technology Officer at P3 Health Partners. “All aspects of an individual’s life are captured, and building a story out of that data is critical.” 

With lives on the line, providing this unified data access to physicians, members and clinical leaders across multiple states has been a critical task.​ After implementing Talend, P3 saw significant improvements to multiple aspects of the business, including an overall data quality score improvement of 10%. “Previously, it was really hard to manage code on every single data pipeline,” Srivastava notes.

“With Talend, we write our rules and can implement them across multiple different interfaces, and it’s easy to manage the data quality.”

The organization has also improved its efficiency in key areas, including reducing the amount of time it takes to onboard clients. Where it used to take 90 days to onboard a new health plan or client, it now takes only 30-45 days. This means P3 is able to provide data to its constituents faster and help providers better respond to high-risk patients. 

P3’s Patient 360 platform is also helping the company to meet its goal of shifting the focus from managing illness to long-term health and wellness. The platform has facilitated the ongoing risk stratification of P3’s 75,000+ members, which enables the proactive identification of high and rising risk patients, who can then be engaged in preventative care management programs. 

“Talend has been more than just a great product,” says Srivastava. “They have been a great partner helping to drive our business proposition forward.”