How Much Does It Cost To Travel In The USA?

How Much Does It Cost To Travel In The USA?

Traveling in US cost especially road trips like Deep South of USA and route 66 depends on many factors. It depends on types of the resort you choose, car hire you take and also the locations you choose to visit. An example in cities like Los Angeles service is expensive than cities in Texas. Rental cars 24h has compiled a list of the relative cost you tend to use to plan your trip budget accordingly. The budget is best suitable for self-drive individuals which is the best way to explore America.

Transport cost in the USA

If you plan to have a road trip to the US you require a car. Other means of transport are available but the best means of transport to make your trip enjoyable and fun is getting a car. Average prices for car rental are classified into classes and you choose which best fits you. Top class vehicles this comprises best model cars like large Suva, it will cost you $400 -$500, mid-class vehicles which can fit more than two people budget $250-$300 and normal car rental best for two people and luggage budget $200. The car hiring rate depends on whether you have hired for one day or one week. Weekly hire rate is the best and the car rental companies may give you a discount

Accommodation cost in the US

When you plan for a trip accommodation must be included. In the United States, there are various types of accommodation suitable for every person. To get accommodation you should budget for at least $50 – $90 for a room that can comfortably accommodate two people. Mid-class range rooms accommodation is available at a cost of $100- $200 depending on your location. Also, you can get modern luxury accommodation for two people at costs of $300 plus per night. To get the best accommodation you can book for rooms online and use budget chains

Sites cost

The costs depend on the sites you visit landmarks, national parks, museums and so on. There are many attractions across the US but the commonly visited one costs range from $20 -$50 per person to access many attractions sites in particular city you can acquire city pass, buy parks pass and you can also plan to make visits on free days

Food Costs

There are varieties of food in the US; it’s your choice to take your favorite at standardized prices. The normal food price at a fast food restaurant ranges from $5 plus per person.
This is a relative cost guide across the US from rental cars 24h.