The Governor’s Cup

Overview of the Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup

With one of the largest cash awards pool in America, the Governor’s Cup and the Tri-State Reynolds Cup are designed to encourage students of Nevada universities and colleges to act upon their ideas and talents in order to produce tomorrow’s businesses. Student teams and their faculty advisor’s will compete in undergraduate and graduate divisions for cash prizes of nearly $400,000. Students involved in the competition gain access to networks of successful entrepreneurs, lenders and investors, team-building opportunities, business planning skills, and media exposure.

One of the goals of the competition is to encourage the development and commercialization of ideas and technologies being discovered in our universities. Multi-disciplinary teams that combine members from technical disciplines with members from the Colleges of Business are encouraged. Multi-disciplinary teams bring together the pieces necessary for bridging the gap between technology and the marketplace.

Great effort has been taken to ensure that this competition will be a quality event that provides the best possible experience for those who participate. With $20,000, $10,000, $5,000 going to the first, second and third place winners respectively in the graduate and undergraduate competition, this prize pool is higher than most national level awards. In addition, we offer cash awards to the finalist teams and their faculty advisors.

History of the Competition

With a vision for promoting a culture of entrepreneurship and with underwriting support from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, Nevada academic, business, government and technology leaders in collaboration with their counterparts in Arkansas and Oklahoma conceived the Donald W. Reynolds Governor’s Cup. These leaders had a vision for first-class competitions in each state to communicate a message to students that innovations leading to thriving home grown businesses are valued and will be recognized.

Courtesy of Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology