D.W. Reynolds Tri-State Winners


1st place – Kordate Solutions, Inc.

Univeristy of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Team members: Kenny Bierman, Phillip Turner
Advisor: Carol Reeves
Kordate Solutions focuses on developing a therapeutic, peptoid-based Alzheimer’s drug. Drug developers have been unable to create an effective treatment for the cause of AD; instead, their drugs only temporarily treat the symptom of dementia associated with AD. Kordate uses peptoid JPT1 to treat AD from early on-set to severe dementia. JPT1 is designed to bypass certain processes characteristic to the formation of plaque in persons with the disease; it is not susceptible to an immune response from the body, making it a new approach to preventing AD.

2nd place – ParaNano, LLC

University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond
Team members: Chelsea Larsen, Jordan Powers, Hitesh Munishamappa Prakash, Shreyas Shivaprakash, Paul Snow
Advisors: Robert Epstein, Maurice Haff
ParaNano’s cutting edge, patent pending device solves a major problem in nanofiber production and use, which is the alignment of continuous, single-strand, electrospun nanofibers on a substrate.


1st place – 3Denim

Sierra Nevada College
Team Members: Kelly Benson, Evan Cook, Brendan Wheelwright
Advisors: Rick Parsons, Ted Parkhill
3Denim is at the intersection of technology and fashion, utilizing 3D scanning software to create perfectly custom fit jeans that are durable and stylish. By addressing the number one pain point expressed by jean owners that perfect fit is impossible to find, we are delivering innovation on 150 years of denim history. For the 96 percent of Americans who own a pair of jeans, we are changing the way they shop, experience and live in denim.

2nd place – Raw

University of Oklahoma, Norman
Team Members: Lauren Abston, Ali Davis, Quincy Tresemer, Cici Zhou, Caitlin Zuerker
Advisor: Madison Jackson
Raw delivers four to five toxin-free sample cosmetics to the doorsteps of consumers, allowing users to try out tested and approved cosmetics without compromising their health.