Are you wondering where to go during these summer vacations? There are many great tourist attractions around the world where you can see where each next place is paradise. When choosing a destination, learn about a good package from the travel agency, which can cover almost all the places you want to see. If, however, you have a fuss about choosing the same, here are some of the places worth visiting, at least you must visit once in your life. To enjoy your trip in these destinations utilizes the rental cars 24h services:


The beautiful French capital, where the Eiffel Tower is located, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Romantic and unforgettable time with a loved one, if you like, Paris is just the place you need. Culture, beautiful beauty and delicious cuisine are just some of the things that this store has prepared for the perfect journey.


For those who want a relaxing holiday, Bali meets all the requirements. The miles of sandy beaches, exotic nature, rivers, and lakes are among the most beautiful attractions of Bali. Bali is also well known among surfers.


Amsterdam, which is located in the Netherlands, is unique in its own way. This cycling city allows many cyclists to have fun. This place also contains an interesting history of architecture.


Sydney is one of the most beautiful Australian cities, making it one of the main tourist destinations in Australia. The bustling city is famous for the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Darling Harbor, and the Opera House, which attracts many tourists. Sydney offers a bustling city, as well as some of the best shopping centers, restaurants, and events where you can enjoy the best tips. Important buildings, beaches, museums, festivals, etc. Make this city mandatory to visit in Australia.

New York

New York, a city of skyscrapers and one of the busiest cities in the world, is waiting for you. Whether it’s Big Apple or Manhattan, every part of the city is simply loved by several people around the world. If you are looking for the best tourist destinations, then New York is really one of them.


Melbourne is widely known as the cultural capital of Australia and the capital of Victoria. Melbourne considered the most attractive city, is the main tourist center in Australia. Amazing beauty, unique urban life, art, culture, historic buildings, and museums are some of the main attractions that add color to the Melbourne tourism industry. Travelers from all over the world go to Melbourne to enjoy the amazing life of the city and the natural beauty surrounding the city.

The above are some of the best travel destinations that you need to visit this year. Make your travel effective by using rental cars 24h.

Denver is a cool city that has everything for everybody. When you visit Denver, you will notice that there are so many things to do and sights to see. A one week vacation to Denver will not be enough to explore all that this destination has to offer. To get the most out of your trip, you need to know the must-sees in Denver so that you don’t miss them. Keep in mind that you should rent SUV Denver airport so that you can explore maximally all this city has to offer.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the sights that you should visit while in Denver. These are the sights that you can afford to miss if you want to have fun.

Top-rated sights of Denver.

Denver Museum.

This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city of Denver receiving millions of tourists every other year. While it is not the biggest museum in the country, it is said to be one of the best museums and hence it should be in your list of must-sees when you visit Denver.

Denver Zoo.

Another great tourist destination that you can afford to miss while in Denver is the Denver Zoo. This Zoo is not just like any other Zoos you will encounter in the United States. There are various things to see here, and hence you should ensure you don’t miss a chance to see all it has to offer. Some of the notable exhibits that you will see here include Primate Panorama Exhibit, African savanna and jungle exhibit, Bird world and Tropical Discovery exhibit.

Colorado Capitol Building.

This building is popularly known for its big, shiny dome that makes its roof. Numerous visitors like to tour this place as it offers some of the best breathtaking views of the entire city. There are some parts of this building that everybody would not want to miss. It is advisable that you take a guided tour to explore all this site has to offer maximumly.

Downtown Aquarium.

This is another ideal destination for families to visit while on vacation to Denver. The aquarium offers more than five hundred marine species that you need to see.

Denver Botanic Gardens.

Various US cities host amazing botanical gardens. However, those found in Denver are very attractive and hence making it another must-see destination when here. Some of the recommended sights here are Pock Alpine Garden, Winnie the Pooh Gardens and Xeriscape Demo Graden.

The above are some of the top-rated sights of Denver that you can not afford to miss.

The Frankfurt Motor Show this year offered an overview of the latest cars that will soon see roads in different cities of the world. If you want to change to a more luxurious luxury car next year, here are the cars you should consider in your car rental comparison;

4 The Best Luxury Cars of 2019

Audi A1

Since its launch in 2010, the sleek Audi A1 has not produced much noise in the Supermani segment. However, version 2019 of the automotive world is expected to include a high-level upgrade, including information configuration, enhanced entertainment, and luxury furniture.

It is also said that driving is fun because it depends on the new MQB structure of the VW. A small city car will be equipped with several engines. In addition to the 1L and 1.5L engines, it is also equipped with a 1.6L diesel engine.

Audi fans are expected to prepare for themselves, and the A1 is expected to reach the floors of the showrooms early next year.

BMW i8 Roadster

It is one of the most anticipated models in the German automotive industry, whose launch is scheduled for next year. Not designed for those with weak hearts, this switch will contain a hybrid generator set. It will be equipped with a 1.5L three-cylinder engine that, when combined with an electric motor, will shut off 362 hp.

Audi Q8

This next flagship SUV from the German automaker is said to be the expected price of $ 88,000. Some of the things that make it truly luxurious and powerful are the luxurious interior design, the hybrid engine, the aggressive exterior design, and the massive network.

In terms of specifications, this Audi is powered by a 3 TFSI engine, which, when combined with an electric motor, turns the crank to 444 hp. Apart from this group of traffic, the automotive world can expect a 4-liter V8 diesel engine and also some gasoline engines.


The new SUV model, which is expected to be lighter than the current model due to the intensive use of aluminum and high-strength steel, was built on the platform of the UKL model for the German automotive industry. It will be available in three power generation options. The base model is equipped with a 2-liter diesel engine powered by a turbocharger, the two engines run at 180 hp, while the second option works with a 2-liter engine, but with 240 hp. By far, the strongest engine in the 2019 X3 is the 3L Turbo engine, which produces 300 hp.

With the above luxurious cars, you can be able to make your choice when you are deciding on car rental comparison.

Traveling in US cost especially road trips like Deep South of USA and route 66 depends on many factors. It depends on types of the resort you choose, car hire you take and also the locations you choose to visit. An example in cities like Los Angeles service is expensive than cities in Texas. Rental cars 24h has compiled a list of the relative cost you tend to use to plan your trip budget accordingly. The budget is best suitable for self-drive individuals which is the best way to explore America.

Transport cost in the USA

If you plan to have a road trip to the US you require a car. Other means of transport are available but the best means of transport to make your trip enjoyable and fun is getting a car. Average prices for car rental are classified into classes and you choose which best fits you. Top class vehicles this comprises best model cars like large Suva, it will cost you $400 -$500, mid-class vehicles which can fit more than two people budget $250-$300 and normal car rental best for two people and luggage budget $200. The car hiring rate depends on whether you have hired for one day or one week. Weekly hire rate is the best and the car rental companies may give you a discount

Accommodation cost in the US

When you plan for a trip accommodation must be included. In the United States, there are various types of accommodation suitable for every person. To get accommodation you should budget for at least $50 – $90 for a room that can comfortably accommodate two people. Mid-class range rooms accommodation is available at a cost of $100- $200 depending on your location. Also, you can get modern luxury accommodation for two people at costs of $300 plus per night. To get the best accommodation you can book for rooms online and use budget chains

Sites cost

The costs depend on the sites you visit landmarks, national parks, museums and so on. There are many attractions across the US but the commonly visited one costs range from $20 -$50 per person to access many attractions sites in particular city you can acquire city pass, buy parks pass and you can also plan to make visits on free days

Food Costs

There are varieties of food in the US; it’s your choice to take your favorite at standardized prices. The normal food price at a fast food restaurant ranges from $5 plus per person.
This is a relative cost guide across the US from rental cars 24h.

For those who don’t know, road trips are more adventurous than any other means of transport. This is due to the fact that it gives the parties involved more freedom that guarantees enjoyment and learning about diverse places. Unlike a means of transport like air, a road trip involves more fun that every folk should try out.

Nevertheless, a road trip can be somehow stressing especially to the new ones in the game, if they don’t own a vehicle. However, everything has been simplified by the availability of 24 car rental companies.

Tips to apply on your first road trip

Apparently, doing research before indulging in an activity is essential in a way because it helps in knowing and planning for all the encounters that will come in your way. Without further ado, let’s briefly look on some of the tips you should apply before kicking off the road for your first road trip.

Travel in a group.

This is essential because it helps in complementing a road trip. It’s important to note that, the group should comprise your best pals or people that you are close to. With that, fun will be guaranteed.

Prepare the vehicle/car.

This involves checking whether the car is in good shape for the road trip.

Know your destinations.

It’s important to have a map that will show and lead you to the places you intend to visit.

Carry enough cash to cater for your needs and for security purposes.

Emergency cash helps due to the fact that not always that things go your way. You will need some cash for the repairs, refilling the gas and other emergency issues.

Carry some music for the ride.

This will help in killing the boredom and also make the road trip more delightful as you dance to the tune and also singing along.

Take naps when possible.

A road trip can be tiring if it just involves traveling without sleeping. So, after traveling during the day, take some time and book a room in order to rest and prepare for the next day.

Carry some food and drinks.

Traveling on empty stomachs can be boring because hunger will kill good morale. To avoid this, have some food, snacks, water and other drinks.

Carry only the necessities.

Overloading the vehicle will make you and your group uncomfortable due to lack of space. Also, it can lead to breaking down of a vehicle. Have good cameras for taking some pictures. Taking pictures helps in making a moment more memorable.
Lastly, consider watching some movies with a laptop or carry a portable DVD player.

In conclusion, the above tips are what a folk needs if at all he/she needs to have a successful road trip. So, if you are planning to have a road trip, sit down and plan wisely. The world has a lot to offer that you cannot exhaust. What are you waiting for?!!!

Anyone of us know the value of a good car in which you guys can do your daily tasks or go from one place to another for business or else can use it to go on vacation but more than that if you guys don’t own a car of your own there is always an option of renting a car and for that you guys can rent a car at rental24h.

Always keep in mind that a car is an important of today’s life it is less important for a single person because he can travel in public transport but if you guys have family then it’s become a little bit difficult to travel in public transport like Metro or busses. Other than that the travel in public transport become more difficult when a family decide to go on a road trip to get themselves entertained in the summer or spring holidays. For that all families need a car.

List of cars

All the families who want to travel and want a road trip with the people they love always need a car, you guys can even buy these cars for yourself if you got the budget otherwise you guys always have the option to rent a car. So here is the list of cars

Now you have the list of the best in the market families cars that you guys can get and other then that the question arise that what is the best option should you guys buy them or just rent them for couple of days when going on a vacation.

Should you buy these

There is nothing wrong in buying all these family cars because they are not as pricy that other cars are and on the mode of mileage they give a pretty good average of fuel consumption when it comes to hitting the road. All these cars are one of the best options if you guys want to buy

Should you rent them

Not all of has the tendency to buy a brand new car but also we have the heart to go on a road trip with our family son there is always a second option of renting these cars for few days so you guys can pay for few days and get a car to go with your family.

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