2016 Winners


1st place – $25,000 – FRP Innovations – Pyrohalt – University of Nevada, Las Vegas

FRP Innovations has developed a non-toxic and high-performing Flame Retardant Polymer treatment to protect their clients and their customers from the devastating effects of fire. Initial testing proves our polymer, PyroHalt, can be applied to any fabric or textile and will not release harmful toxins when ignited, unlike current chemical treatments on the market.  Originally invented with the assistance of NASA for use on spacesuits, PyroHalt will be evolved into other versions including sprays, powders, paints, or solids which can be applied to virtually any material.

Team Captain – Jace Meier
Faculty Advisor – Angela Douglas

2nd place – $15,000 – MOCCs Technologies – University of Nevada, Reno

MOCCs Technologies utilizes decade’s worth of knowledge on the subject of corrosion between the founders to improve upon existing technology and make various means of corrosion protection more “green”. Their first offering is tailored towards the aerospace industry called Blue Sky Conversion Coating. Currently this product is the only formulation to duplicate all corrosion protective properties of hexavalent coatings, while incorporating more environmentally friendly compounds.

Team Captain – David Rodriguez
Team Members – Zachary Karmoil
Faculty Advisor – Dr. Dev Chidambaram

3rd place – $10,000 – S3B Energy, Inc. – University of Nevada, Las Vegas

S3B Energy is a Nevada based technology company revolutionizing the energy storage market with Poseidon I, a solid-state sodium-battery utilizing sodium-rich anitperovskite (NaRAP) material. This radical new technology creates a cheap, safe, and environmentally sound solution to managing grid peak demands and capturing the increased generation of renewable energy.

Team Captain – Lucy Cantley
Team Members – Jan Von Herburt-Hewell, Kenda Nayef, Christopher Wipple
Faculty Advisor – Liz Lewis


1st place – $25,000 – TEKTOR – Sierra Nevada College

TEKTOR is a startup company based out of Incline Village, Nevada.  TEKTOR is introducing its first product CHAPERONE. CHAPERONE is a wearable electronic safety system designed specifically for equine facilities.  The system has three main components: electronic wristbands (worn by each user), receiving data cloud unit, mobile app and computer management program. Together, these components function as a safety system that tracks user locations and alerts users to dangerous or emergency situations.

Team Captain – Megan McClintock
Team Members – Lena Stroheker, Marissa Hushaw
Faculty Advisor – Tim Cohee

2nd place – $15,000 – Remmedy Nudge Water Bottle – University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Remmedy is a water bottle that stores pills such as medications, supplements, and vitamins. The water bottle has a reminder that dispenses the medication when it is time for the patient to take it. The purpose of this product is to promote an active lifestyle to individuals who have a difficult time remembering or organizing their medication needs.

Team Captain – Jailene Vasquez
Team Members – Helena Lagos
Faculty Advisor – Janet Runge

3rd place – $10,000 – Adler Dynamics – University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The use of drones (UAVs) and advanced analytical systems to provide the construction industry with technology to help them stay on schedule and under budget.

Team Captain – Kyle Kimsey
Faculty Advisor – Dr. Hans Rawhouser

Lt. Governor’s

$10,000 – Warrior Adventure Rapport – Sierra Nevada College

Warrior Adventure Rapport Provides a wilderness therapy service to veterans that will teach them the tools to mitigate the relapse of PTSD episodes, as well as a relapse prevention program.  It is a day  inclusive program that consists of Kayak building with integrated counseling that culminates in a 3 day reflective paddle.

Team Captain – Jason Maynez
Team Members – Nicholas Galantowicz, Gregory Gonzalez
Faculty Advisor – Tim Cohee

Faculty Advisors of the Year

Dr. Hans Rawhouser – University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Krysta Bea Jackson – University of Nevada, Reno